How To Clean Germguardian HEPA Filter?

How To Clean Germguardian HEPA Filter?

How To Clean Germguardian HEPA Filter? Remove Filters

HEPA filters area unit utilized in several appliances like vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and metabolism masks. There area unit many various varieties of HEPA filters, the foremost effective being a real HEPA.

These filters area unit factory-made as disposable, washable, or permanent.

Reusable HEPA filters area unit straightforward to keep up, however, you want to confine mind that a permanent filter isn’t washable. In fact, if you wash a permanent HEPA filter, it’ll be ruined. therefore before you arrange to clean your HEPA filter, check the manual to confirm you won’t injury it.

How to Clean a Permanent HEPA Filter

Permanent HEPA filter area unit typically found in air purifiers. These shouldn’t be washed as water will injury the filter (1).

Before removing the filters, think about covering the ground in plastic or recent sheets. you may even take the appliance outside. {this is|this is often|this will be} as a result of HEPA and pre-filters can hold a big quantity of dirt and dirt. These might then enter the air or fall to the bottom.

Start by turning off the appliance and unplugging it to confirm it’s safe to get rid of. If you’re unsure a way to take away it, visit the manual for directions. Most air purifiers have a back cowl that you simply will hospitable access the filters simply.

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Clean the pre-filters

Permanent HEPA filters seldom return alone. There’s typically a pre-filter associated with a carbon filter. These ought to be removed and clean additionally.

The pre-filter is often rinsed with water — do that below the tap and continue till the water runs clear. Fine wire filters ought to be clean gently with a soft-bristled brush. you’ll additionally use a humid sponge to wipe each side of the filter.

The carbon filter ought to be vacuumed gently to get rid of dirt and dirt. Clean each side with the vacuum victimization horizontal motions. If the carbon filter has absorbed a big quantity of odors, you’ll leave it in direct daylight for an associate hour or 2.

If you wash foam or carbon pre-filters, the towel dries them and permits twenty-four hours to dry entirely.

Vaccum the HEPA filter For Home

Once the pre-filters area unit clean and drying, flip your attention to the permanent HEPA filter. For this, you’ll use any form of vacuum — we have a tendency to like a hand-held for easy use. Use a nozzle or soft brush attachment once improve the filter. this may forestall injury caused by the vacuum.

Vacuum victimization horizontal motions and keep going till all dirt, rubbish — and potential dirt bunnies — area unit gone. Be light as you vacuum; don’t push the attachment into the filter. Instead, set the vacuum to a stronger suction therefore it’ll take away deeply embedded dirt.


Once the permanent HEPA filter and pre-filters area unit clean, it’s time to place everything back. tack by inserting the HEPA filter in 1st, followed by the activated carbon and last the pre-filter. Again, if you’re unsure, visit the manual for specific directions.

Check the Manual

Washable HEPA filters area unit utilized in air purifiers additionally as vacuums. Before making an attempt to clean a HEPA filter, scan the manual rigorously.

Make sure it’s washable, some also will state however it ought to be washed, for instance, with cleanser water or solely rinse. Some washable HEPA filters area unit even dishwasher safe.

If you can’t notice the manual otherwise you merely don’t have one, you’ll search on-line. notice the manufacturer’s web site and sort within the model variety, you may be ready to notice a downloadable copy too.

Remove Filters

Before gap up the appliance, you may wish to hide the ground or take it outside. If the filters area unit giant, they will hold a big quantity of dirt and dirt that may be free into the air or fall to the bottom.

Always begin by turning the appliance off and unplugging it. this may forestall any potential electrical shocks.
Then, find the filters and take away them. If you’re unsure of a way to get to the filters, visit the manual for steering.

Clean Pre-Filters

If there area unit any pre-filters, begin by improving them. These will either be rinsed with water or gently clean with a brush. visit the manual to confirm they’re washable before making an attempt to try to to therefore. Most appliances with washable HEPA filters also will have washable pre-filters.

If they’re washable, rinse below the sink till the water runs clear. Pre-filters typically hold all of the larger dirt bunnies and dirt, therefore if it’s terribly dirty, begin by brushing rubbish off. this may create it easier to rinse additionally.

After the pre-filters area unit clean and drying, it’s time for the HEPA filter. Smaller filters are often rinsed below the tap within the room or lavatory. Larger filters would possibly be got to be rinsed outside employing a hose, or within the shower employing a hand-held shower head.


When rinse, avoid victimization high as this may injury the filter. Instead, use low to medium flow and wipe your fingers across gently to assist loosen dirt.

Some makers advocate cleanser water whereas others advocate victimization either cold or lukewarm water. visit the manual for specific necessities.

Flat HEPA Filters

These ought to be washed on each side to get rid of all dirt and contaminants. Cylindrical filters ought to solely be rinsed on the skin — avoid obtaining the within of the cylinder wet.


Washable HEPA filters ought to air dry fully before being reinstalled. when laundry the filter, you’ll provide it a fast shake to get rid of excess water. Set the filter up outside against a wall or chair therefore it will get recent air from all sides.

Keep in Mind

You should ne’er try and speed up the method by employing a blow drier or clothes drier. this may injury the filter and would possibly even void a guaranty. perpetually enable the washable HEPA filter to air dry.


When all of the filter area units were fully dry, it’s time to put them in them. begin with the HEPA filter and follow with pre-filters. visit the manual if you’re unsure.

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How to Maintain a HEPA Filter

Maintaining your HEPA filter can guarantee it’s acting at the associate best level in the slightest degree of time. frequently improvement of a reusable filter also will facilitate to prolong the lifetime of the filter and appliance. Here area unit many tips to assist you to maintain your HEPA filter:

Tip #1: Clean once counseled

Air purifiers with washable or permanent filters area unit typically needed to be clean each 3 to 6 months. Following this recommendation can facilitate to stay your filter clean and running swimmingly.

Tip #2: Clean once required

Although the higher than tip ought to be followed, you may wish to line your own timer additionally. think about however typically you run your air apparatus or use your HEPA filtered vacuum. The additional oftentimes you utilize the appliance, the dirtier it’ll get, therefore requiring additional improvement.

If you utilize your air apparatus in a very dirty space, it’ll become dirtier compared to at least one in a very comparatively clean atmosphere. we have a tendency to extremely advocate that you simply check on the filter frequently to check however dirty it’s and clean it if required.

Tip #3: It’s Safe to scrub the Filter additional typically

Don’t be afraid to scrub the HEPA filter additional typically than counseled by the manufacturer. If it’s dirty, clean it — it’s absolutely safe as long as you’re victimizing the proper ways. Also, keeping your HEPA filter clean can facilitate the appliance to figure additional expeditiously.

Tip #4: Set a Reminder

Many air purifier area units equipped with an associate electronic reminder to scrub the filter. Some area unit additional sophisticated than others — equipped with sensors that sight however dirty the filter is. Others may well be as easy as a wheel you’ll set to the month once improvement is required.

Although a reminder will are available in handy, you furthermore may admit it entirely. As mentioned higher than, frequent use of the appliance would force additional frequent improvement.

Tip #5: Don’t Clean If Not Necessary

If you don’t use the appliance as typically, you won’t get to clean it as typically. Once every 3 months would possibly even be too typical.

Check the filter once improvement is due, if it isn’t dirty, avoid the difficulty. You can, however, provide it a fast keep company with the vacuum if you are feeling it’s necessary.

Tip #6: Replace If required

Even permanent doesn’t mean forever-lasting. Sooner or later, the HEPA filter is going to be worn and needs replacement. after you begin to note a decrease within the appliances’ potency and improvement the filter isn’t serving to, it’d be time for a modification.

Cleaning Prolongs Filter Life

Regularly improving the filter can facilitate to prolong its life, it’d last for years. Conversely, neglecting your filter for an extended time can cause it to deteriorate quickly and wear out.
Most makers advocate that you simply replace the HEPA filter once it becomes discolored or worn.

Keeping It Clean

Permanent or washable HEPA filters area unit wonderful decisions for after you wish to save lots of cash on running your appliance. replacement disposable filters will become manner too pricey within the long haul, that is why several decide on reusable.

Cleaning a HEPA filter is simple, however, you want to check whether or not you have got a washable or permanent filter 1st. Permanent filters ought to solely be clean, that means with a vacuum or brush. washable filters, though, area unit safe to be rinsed with water.

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